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frites bretonnes et caramel recette  - blog food design de Laure-Anne Caillaud
caramel beurre salé et frites bretonnes - blog design culinaire de Laure-Anne Caillaud

Recipe "Les Frites Bretonnes"

sauce caramel salted butter

   Recipe caramel 

  • 70g sugar 

  • 15cl cream

  • 60 g salted butter

   Recipe crêpe

  • 1 package of crêpes bretonnes

  • 20g de beurre demi-sel


Place the sugar into a pot on a middle heat. Place the cream in another pot on a slow heat. When the sugar begin to become brown , add the butter out of the heat and the cream little by little. Put the caramel in the fridge.

Les frites bretonnes (crêpes)

Cut a crêpe in a rectangular shape. Brush the melted mix butter / sugar on it. Roll the crêpe and cook it in a pan. It becomes crispy.

Ready to eat with a fresh cider !

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