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Consulting Design & Style

Laure-Anne Caillaud provides creative consulting for caterers (chefs , chocolate makers , pastry chefs , catering , restaurants..) in the way to bring new creativity and inspiration sources , to draw your ideas and to develop together new designs.

The design studio also provides artistic direction for your creative projects from A to Z with creative experts.


Consulting innovation for food product

With a creative knowledge in industrial product design and new food habits , Laure-Anne Caillaud provides consulting specialised in innovation for food brands. In the way to boost creativity of R&D and marketing teams , she produced inspirational and trends benchmarks on measure , development of new product / packaging design concepts.

In collaboration with the agency Thoughts for Food (culinary development) the design studio organises workshops : "Les Inno Days" to create innovations in a fast time surrounded by creative experts. In a team building spirit, develop with your teams new ideas , product and pack new concepts , go cooking in the kitchen and prototype !

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