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cocktail pomme verveine - blog food design de Laure-Anne Caillaud
feuilles de verveine cristallisées - blog cocktail design de Laure-Anne Caillaud
cocktail pomme verveine - blog design culinaire de Laure-Anne Caillaud

Cocktail gin apple verbena​​


  • 10 verbena sheets

  • 1 slice of apple

  • 5ml lemon juice

  • 1 egg white

  • 20g sugar


  • 5 verbena sheets

  • 40ml lemon juice

  • 50ml gin

  • 10ml apple sirup

  • 40ml apple juice


Crush verbena sheets in the shaker. Full it with ice cubes next , add all the others ingredients. Shake it and filter into a cocktail glass. 


For the apple sirup : Place in a pot 100g sugar with 100g water, add apple slices. Bring to a boil next let it cool.


Crystallised sheets

Wash and dry the verbena sheets. Prepare a bowl with sugar and another with egg white that you emulsify few seconds with a fork to add air.  Coat lightly the sheets of egg white with a brush. Next , place them in the sugar bowl until they are cover. Prepare a baking sheet covered with paper and place the verbena sheets. Heat in the oven at 100 degrees during 1 hour. 

Printed slice of apple 

Dry few verbena sheets in the oven à 60 degrees during 20 minutes. Mix to make powder. Cut a thin slice of apple that you cover with lemon juice. Put 2 fresh sheets of verbena (returned) on it.  Sprinkle verbena powder ont it with a strainer. Put off sheets gently to keep the print.  

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