Cocktail trompe l'oeil



  • 40 ml white rum

  • 20 cl lime juice

  • 20 ml coco milk

  • 10 ml pineapple juice


  • bitter cocoa powder

  • 10 ml lemon juice

  • marshmallow (recipe in link)

  • coconuts chips 


Shake all ingredients with ice cubes. filter into a cocktail glass. Add few ice cubes.


Realise a rectangular plate of marshmallow, (recipe link ), put it in the freezer. Brush lemon juice on the exterior part of the glass. Then sprinkle cocoa powder on it. Realize vertical scratches (for example with a silicon brush). Put off freezer the marshmallow at last moment, cut strips'width of 2cm. Place it inside the glass (it sticks naturally).

Pour your cocktail with ice cubes.

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